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The Kühne Iron foundry is one of the oldest and continuously operating foundry plants in Hungary that has been in the operation since 1879. The annual capacity of the foundry exceeds  1 000 tons of ductile, grey and melleable cast iron. The foundry is equipped with the laboratories containing the metallographical microscope, the spectrometer and sand test appliances.

We provide professional advice to our customers in design of castings with CAD/CAM systems and casting simulation software. Our in-house pattern shop makes it possible to produce patterns for wood, plastic and metal. We also undertake the machining and surface treatment of our castings.

The Kühne Iron foundry holds the System of Quality Regulation Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015.

12454507 – casting



Gray iron

Ductile iron

Melleable iron

EN-GJL-150, (5.1200)
EN-GJS-400-15, (5.3106)
EN-GJMB-300-6, (5.4100)
EN-GJL-200, (5.1300)
EN-GJS-500-7, (5.3200)
EN-GJL-250, (5.1301)
EN-GJS-600-3, (5.3201)

Our castings have a wide range of applications. Our clients include leading agricultural and commercial vehicle manufacturers, railway vehicle, mechanical engineering and electrical companies.

Flask sizes and casting weight limit:

400x400x100/100 mm
630x500xx160/160 mm
700x700x200/200 mm
800x700x250/350 mm
1000x900x180/180 mm

Gray iron castings: from 0,1 kg to 400 kg
Ductile iron castings: from 0,1 kg to 150 kg
Melleable iron castings: from 0,1 to 50 kg
Typical series sizes: individual, small and medium series.



2×500 kg Inductoterm DualTrack medium frequency coreless induction furnace
2×100 kg KGYV I-100 medium frequency coreless induction furnace

Sand plant:

AMK-630 semi-automatic sand plant with photocell add water

Core making:

Cold box machinesHot box machines
KS-3KHBK 3-3
KS-6KHBK 6-12


The moulds are provided by joilt-squeeze machines, which are installed in four independent moulding lines: Foromat 10, Foromat 20, Foromat 30 and Foromat 40. The moulds of the individual castings are produced by hand moulding.


Castings are cleaned on rotary shot blasting machines.


We track our manufacturing processes with our unique computer system.

Our foundry operates an ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system.

In-process and final inspection equipments:

Sand testing equipments
Metallurgical microscopes
Mechanical material testing equipments

Quality castings
since 1879

In 1879, the KÜHNE Agricultural Machinery Factory established the most modern iron and metal foundry of its time.


1911-ben nagy volumenű fejlesztésről döntöttek, új öntöde építését és berendezéseinek korszerűsítését kezdték meg.

1917 –

From 1917, the new foundry began to work in the still used factory.


In 1937, the foundry had an area of 3540 m2, of which 2400 m2 was formed for manual and mechanical molding. A melting furnace of 4500 kg / h and 1000 kg / h was used for melting.


In the 1960s, a major leap forward was the introduction of the production of black-fringed castings. This made it possible to replace steel casting parts used primarily in agricultural machinery. This manufacturing technology was first implemented in Hungary here, so that the introduction of the manufacturing process did not require any investment.


The foundry became a part of the RÁBA Wagon and Machine Factory from 1976, and subsequently engaged in the production of engine and chassis castings.

1994 –

Since 1994, the foundry has been operating under the name KÜHNE Vasöntöde Kft. The foundry tries to take on the responsibility of being independent, adapting to changing circumstances and doing its best to maintain its market position and viability.


Company information:

KÜHNE Vasöntöde Gyártó és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Short name: KÜHNE Vasöntöde Kft.

Our address: 
9200 Mosonmagyaróvár,
Kühne Ede tér 2.

Phone numbers:


Fax: 06-96/576-334


VAT number: 11130761-2-08

EU VAT: HU11130761

Company Registration Number: 08-09-003728

Bank Account Number HUF: Erste Bank HU26 1160 0006 0000 0000 4911 5411

Bank Account Number EUR: OTP BANK HU98 1176 3378 4110 0884 0000 0000

Statistic number: 11130761 2451 113 08

Chamber of Commerce Nr.: GY11130761